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Does it radiate up around your head or down your neck to your shoulder? If so, it could be a tension headache. I get combination tension/migraine headaches. All the fun of a migraine (nausea, sensitivity to light/sound) but in addition also have the muscle tension to go along with it. I've found that Fioricet works for these, where other meds (like Amerge) won't touch it.

I've had just about every kind of headache there is... sinus, migraine, tension, icepick, cluster... you name it, including combinations of two or more at the same time. Oddly enough, ever since my nutritional deficiencies were dx'd and I started taking supplements for them, they've really decreased in frequency. Used to get at least one a week that would often last for 3 days. Now, I maybe get one a month, if that. Not saying this applies in your case. Its just something to think about.