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Hi Everyone

Well I tried my first dose of chlorotimeton. I took the 12 hour dose last evening at dinnertime. It really spaced me out and after 20 hours I still can feel it. Whats up, am I just over sensitive to this stuff? I can't affort to take anymore because I am very busy the next two days with lots of driving. Maybe I should try the 8 hour dose and take it right before bed. Cut-Throat...any suggestions? White Sneakers thanks for your post. I am really interested in following up on the migraine idea, especially the Amitriptyline. I need to find a new Neurologist in the Philly area.

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Last Night(Friday) I tried a 4 hour dose of C-Trimeton.I feel better, not so drugged but the lightheadedness is still the same. I will try this dose for a few days and see if it makes any difference in my symptoms.

White Sneakers, Could you tell me more about Amitriptyline. How much did you take, when did you take it and how long did it take before you started to feel better. Do you have any ideas why it worked? I seem very sensitive to drugs and often have worse side effects than my disorder. Did the Amitriptyline make your symptoms of lightheadedness feel worse at first?

Everyone: Are your symptoms seasonal or all the time. Mine are all the time with daily fluctuations in intensity.
White Sneakers

Thanks for getting back to me. I am sorry that just when you found something that helped with the problem, the side effects were to hard to take. This must be very frustrating for you. Do you think if you cut way down on the amitriptyline dossage you would still get the benefits and but not the side effects. I really sympathize with you because I also have a lot of trouble with medications. Im sure I give up on things too soon but the side effects are sometimes worse than the problem. I have an appointment with my regular doctor in two weeks and I will suggest the amitriptyline to her. I also want to check out diabetes, thyroid, allergy and hypoglycemia as these things can also cause the same symptoms. In the mean time I am going to contiue with the C-trimeton. I have been taking the 4mg. 2 times a day for 3 days. I want to give it a fair amount of time. Thanks for your help and good luck to you. Keep in touch.