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Hi there

You know that doctors prescribe adjuvent drugs such as muscle relaxers and anti-epileptics. They work on various parts of the whole pain process. There are other drugs that work on other areas of pain, too. Amitriptyline is used in small doses as a 'membrane stabilizer' to help other aspects of pain. Give it a try and see if it helps, then let me know how you do.

P.S. ( I have the same reaction to antidepressants that you do. That's why I'd rather you tried it first. LOL)
I used doxepin, another tricyclic, for quite some time as an aid to sleeping. It worked real well for me. But we eventually stopped it as part of an overall treatment plan. What I found interesting was that when I stopped the doxepin, my pain level went up. The doxepin was actually enhancing the methadone, which some of these meds can do. I tried amitriptyline first but it made me too drugged the next day.

So if amitriptyline drugs you too much there are other good options.:)