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My son is a Mason also and had his out last year. I agree, it took him about a week to be back to normal. We did jello, and popcicles since they told us no milk products. I gave the Tylenol with Codeine around the clock.

I am also a SAHM with 4 kids so I know how tired you are. What helps us when we go through a sick little one is to set up a schedule. I explain to DH that it won't be for long but that I need some help. He is a very hard sleeper so I agree to get up in the night but he agrees to let me take a small nap when he gets home. I take care of them in the late evening and he takes care of them in the early morning. It works for us

I wish you the best and hope your little Mason gets to feeling better. Another thing that works with my kids is to put their medicine on the back of their tongue. You dont have taste buds back there so it isnt as gross to them. We also chase medicine with water. I totally agree that Amoxicillin is usually a great one for the kids because of the taste