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Scarlet fever is actually just strep throat with a rash and is very treatable. Both of our boys had it when they were in elementary school and one course of amoxicillin took care of it. If your baby gets it, and I may be wrong but I think its rare in a child under three, she will probably run a fever, refuse to eat, etc. In other words, you'll know she is sick most likely. If not, at least the rash which will appear within a few days would alert you. Antibiotics will take care of it and should prevent any future heart problems. It used to be common to have heart and/or kidney problems following strep or scarlet fever, but that was before antibiotics were readily available to treat it. Also, in my 17 1/2 years as a mom with three kids who have had strep quite often I can tell you that it has never appeared to be "overly" contagious. Our two boys even had slept together once the night before one was diagnosed with strep and the other never did catch it that time. I think your daughter will probably be fine.

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