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My poor 8 yr old boy has really run the gammut lately. 6 days ago he was diagnosed with an ear infection and was put on Amoxicillin. Then he contracted an eye infection from me (I really did try to wash my hands a lot!) Yesterday he complained of an "itchy, sore bum". I established that it was in his anal area.
I am using Anusol and frequent baths to try to help him cope with this.
My question. Can a male catch a yeast infection from an antibiotic? I know that anytime I've been on an antibiotic I have suffered from this.
Could it be entirely coincidental and maybe be a parasite? We haven't done the "flashlight at night" thing yet. Maybe I should get a requisition for a stool sample?
I felt so bad for him today. He is having trouble coping with all these problems and was in tears at one point. He says he's not constipated nor does he have diarrhea. (though his diet is not high in fibre..picky eater) The doc seemed to think hemmoroids (sp?). At such a young age?
Any advice appreciated...Tagger