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I posted about a month or so ago about my two and a half year old having a swollen lymphnode under and behind his right ear.

He was very healthy until January of this year or so, then he came down with some strep. The doc put him on antibiotics and it went away. He came down with strep again when we went to Mexico in May and the physician there put him on a five day course of Ceclor. Less than a month later, he was running a fever again. The doctor gave him Amoxicillin. It went away, then he relapsed three weeks later with a fever and tested positive for strep again. She did a 10 day cycle of Amoxicillin (again). Now he is running a temperature again that is peaking around 102. She said it looked like he has a sinus infection, but wanted to do bloodtests just to see what else was going on, so she didn't give him any antibiotics just yet. They took two rounds of bloodtests. The first results came back in yesterday. CBC and white cell count was normal. Does anyone know what the second part of the test is? They said it would take 3-7 days. Has anyone here had a similar experience?