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Any suggestions on how to hide medicine taste? My 2 1/2 yr old daughter refuses to take her penicillin or amoxicillin for strep throat. I've mixed it in pudding, Kool-aid, pepsi, tea, chocolate milk, popsicles, snowcone syrup (that worked at first). It tastes so bad and is so strong, to hide it well enough I have to mix in too much of something to dilute the taste, but is more than she will eat. I don't want her to have to get shots, I remember how painful penicillan shots used to be.
Hello, My son didn't like Amoxicillin either. It's supposed to be bubble gum flavor. My son loved Suprax, which is orange flavor. Maybe your pharmacists could make it a different flavor or your doc. could change it over to Suprax. We used to use a seringe-type medicine dispenser that the Ped. gave us and just put a little bit at a time into our son's mouth, then quick let him lick a lollipop as a chaser. We used a lollipop, because it coats the mouth better than OJ.