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Wow, I had no idea there was so much to know about an intact penis until this happened. Please keep the advice coming! I want to know whats best for him!
On Saturday when I took him in they cleaned him out (squeezed some stuff out, it was terrible), then gave me a soak to put on a gauze pad and wrap around his penis in his diaper. They said to take him to my gp on Monday. On Sunday it was much better--nothing coming out, redness and swelling improving. But, when I took him today--the doctor I saw said it still looked a little red so she prescribed a course of amoxicillin. Is this the best way to deal with this? Of course I'm giving him the antibiotic because I'm not the doctor here, but she really didn't seem to know much about this sort of thing--couldn't very well answer many of my questions and she basically told me this is why boys get circumcised--because this sort of thing happens over and over again and she told me that his foreskin is a little tight and he might have to get circumcised anyway to avoid more problems. Ugh, any advice? Does anyone know if certian boys do just need to get it done because of anatomical problems and maybe my boy is one of them?:confused: