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i would most definitely take her to another doc.any doc who wont take the time(a few seconds????) to actually just properly Dx any condition before Rxing any anti Bs,is in my book,well this is really negligent on his part.A simple throat swab(culture) would have told them within five minutes if this 'could' possibly even be strep.they always follow up the rapid strep test with the one that takes 24-48 hours,just to confirm the original Dx and to check for any other issues that could also be in the throat causing the normal strep to recreate into something a bit harder to treat.he did your child no favors here and i would never even take her back there since he very simply just is not a good doc.he should have done everything differently than he did.

even taking her to the ER,it really does not matter whether or not you actually have insurance as long as you go to a county run hospital,no hospital can refuse to actually treat anyone anymore.you can always work out the financial aspects later and set up a payment plan.my oldest son(24) had to do this when he had a really horrid infection that would not go away and was making him really sick.he did not have insurance but this just had to be dealt with.this is the situation you are in,your childs health comes first,no matter what.between all of my youngest sons many medical conditions and mine,we have a constant flow of medical bills that we actually have a little spot for on our coffee table,these get paid when we are able and the other bills get paid first.they cannot get blood out of a stone ya know?this really isn't as huge of a deal as you may think,really.when you can pay,you pay,thats it.your daughters and your familys health comes first no matter what.which brings up another possibility too,i do think it wouldn't hurt to have all members of your family to at the very least,get their throats swabbed once you find out for certain that this really is strep,only because other memebers can have it and it can keep cycling thru the entire family and re creating strep over and over again,you know what i mean?these can be done in any NORMAL docs office at any time.also,if this is actually strep,throw away all toothbrushes and buy new ones once you start anti Bs,the toothbrush is a great place for the strep infection to take hold on.it can start it up all over again if it is actually contaminated.

personally i think going directly to an ER would make alot more sense,save time and they could do any actual testing right there and give you immediate answers in most cases.it may cost more but at least you wouldn't be left wondering whether or not the right things were being done for her you know?

you just need to do what is best for your daughter right now.you need to find out just what exactly is going on so it can be properly treated.this other doc just caused you alot of problems by not properly dxing anything before even Rxing any antibiotics.with the new info they are seeing on how antibiotics are causing a whole huge problem of their own,this doc was just so incredibly irresponsible in doing things this way.he also is causing a huge delay in her actual dx of what may be going on.

your daughter does need to have some bloodwork done as well just to make certain other body system functions are up to par.strep can have effects,as you stated,on other system fnctions if it is not properly treated.my youngest son ended up in the hospital the last time he had strep only because the type he had never actually responded to the amoxicillin he had been Rxed(and it was completely finished and taken properly) and he ended up needing very very strong IV anti Bs to actually kick it.they are just seeing more anti B resistant strains now of alot of the once simply easy to treat type of conditions.

your daughter just needs her condition completely and thoroughly evaluated at this point since this doc could have actually "caused" more problems by his crappy treatment or delayed the approprite type of treatment by not doing his job.hopefully this will be treated with the right stuff and it will all just be a memory soon.but get her seen asap.good luck and please keep us posted on how she is doing,K? take care,Marcia
Hi Guys first of all thanks for all the responses, you guys are so caring and nice

well i just came from the doc, when i called i told them i wanted to see another doctor, they have 6 in that office, so i got to see the main office doctor, anyway he did say she had scarlett fever and that her tonsils were very red,..he did a strep culture which was negative, he said that she has another form of strep throat with another bacteria i completely forgot the name, however he did give her 10 days of antibiotics called CEPHALEXIN 250mg/3x a dayhe said amoxicillin doesnt work for this kind of strep, and her skin is slowly peeling off and it hurts her bad,anyway the fever is better now,Thanks God

one thing i wanted to mention was that she told me her legs hurt, it must have been form the fever however the arm that she said hurt her was because she said she was playing with her sister and her sister twisted it! unreal am here thinking the worst since she said she couldnt move it, and she waits till we get to the office to tell me that..of course i was thinking the worst, but I am so glad it turned out good, the consult with the strep test was only $90 so that wasnt so bad considering he gave her a stronger antibiotic that will take care of the problem quickly.

what do you guys think i should get for her skin, i was thinking about aveeno baths and creams? the skin hurts her so much. :( [COLOR="Red"]Thanks to you all great people! God bless you all:angel: