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My son is about 95 lbs., and today went to a new doctor because we just moved to the area. She prescribed 1000mg of Amoxicillan in the morning and 1000mg of Amoxicillan in the evening for an bacterial ear infection that is just starting, per her statement. I did not read the prescription when it was taken to the pharmacy because she prescribed Amoxicillin, and this has been given to him many times in the past for even more severe ear infections. But, when I get it home, and read the directions, it stated that he should take the above dosage. Will this hurt him? It is too late to contact the doctor, and after giving him the dosage tonight, now I am concerned it is too much because before, he never took more than 250mg three times a day to total 750 mg. Thanks for your help.:)
My drug book says 20-40 mg/kg of amoxicillin for children. This works out to 1750 mg a day in divided doses. So yea it is a little high. I would call your doctor and ask.