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  1. Desperate 26yr Male - Sudden onset of Hypertension 1 month ago.
    ... thats what ill be getting, so i took some of her amoxicillin . i took half of a amoxicillin pill (about 715mg ... That night i got nervous and tried to purge this amoxicillin . well, i know that this is the only thing that ... have contributed to my downfall. i had never taken amoxicillin ever in my life prior to this. a few days later...
    ... clogged head. This occured about 3 days following amoxicillin and a couple days prior to my initial er visit with...

  2. Sufa's and BP Meds
    ... diuretics. Penicillin family inclides ampicillin, amoxicillin ...*****cillin The thing is there are ALLERGIES...
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