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My pain levels have spiked considerably for no obvious reason. And it's always at it's highest level in the mornings.

I truely understand your dilemma. I really do. When you have other conditions on top of the TMJ it seems so overwhelming.

Please do get the gum disease treated if at all possible or atleast some antibiotics. I'm on peridex rinses and amoxil 3 times a day. I aleady have some bone loss around the diseased areas and it's made me very, very sick. Infection is infection no matter where it's at.

Ask your DDS about getting something to buy you some time until you're able to get it out. How are they going to treat it? I'm having laser surgery and then they'll do some hand scaling/planing if it's needed. I'm not looking forward to it but it's got to come out of there. My submandibular lymphnodes are swollen on that side from it and the pockets of bacteria are pretty deep.

I hope everything turns out ok for you!