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I'm 31, have chronic tonsillitis (tonsils are huge and constantly swallowing grotesque tonsil pus balls, lots of sinus infections, sore throats etc..) and due to have a tonsillectomy this Friday. I'm hoping the pain is not as horrific as some people have posted. I've noticed most of the female posters have commented on how painful it is. Whereas, the male posters have said it was a breeze. I just read an article in Prevention that spoke about how women experience more pain than men because of fluctuating estrogen levels. GREAT! Just what I needed to read before surgery.
My ENT has prescribed the following narcotic cocktail to ease the pain (I'm allergic to codeine): Dura-gesic pain patch and percocet. Additionally, he has prescribed Celebrex (which has show great results in reducing inflammation)and Amoxil to ward off any infection.
I'd be interested to hear from adult females who have had this procedure done. Do you feel better since getting this procedure? What level of pain did you feel throughout your recovery? What pain medications were you given? And, I guess any other helpful information you can provide.