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My husband just got back from the dr. office with my son. They gave him children's motrin, children's tylenol and Amoxil, the pink bubble gummy stuff ususally taken for ear infections. My question for you is, what all did you take during your week of sickness? How long did it take for you to bring your temp down? Should I try to use the acholol (sp?) spounging on my son? I am just so worried about his little brain boiling in his head. Of course the doctor's did not address my questions that I sent with my husband. Just gave us the meds and told us when to administer them to him. No big surprise there. Take care.
Aimee- thanks for the info about the spounging. I was leary to do it so I haven't. I was pretty sure that I had heard awhile ago that it was dangerous, and that is why I hadn't done it.

Beth- my son is still fighting his fever too. I got some meds from the doctor and have been diligent about giving it to him but he always seems to hovor at 104, (orally). This weekend he was running around with his sisters and then taking a break by cuddling up in the bed with me. Now his sisters are in daycare, and he is sleeping AGAIN. His breathing seems to be better since we have given him the amoxil but the fever, cough and runny nose are still the same. I went on a search on google for meds and read up on amoxil. I can't understand why the doctor gave it to him since he doesn't have an infection in his ears, or streap throat. There was a lot of medical gargin contained on the websites that went way over my head, but it doesn't seem the meds prescribed are for the symtoms that he has.

So far he's been sick for 4 days. I've read on other posts that they can go from 7-14 days. I hope that his will kick sooner. I hate to see him so sick but will continue to medicate him until it runs out. Then we will see. His older sisters havn't gotten sick yet so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I go through the house once a day and spray all the handles, doors, frig, etc. with lysol to help keep his germs from spreading. I also remind my girls to wash their hands lots and lots. Hopefully this will help. I don't know. Keep in touch, I wish you good luck with the battle within your house. Today is a bit chilli here in Kansas but I think I'll go through the rooms, with the exception of mine where he has been camping out and open the windows. Hopefully airing out the house will help.