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Quote from suzyshop1:
There just relying on a blood test.It didnt pick it up the first time,why would they think it would pick it up this time.They just about tested me for everything else.Cant figure out why they wont retest me for the hp.Its enough to make you lose all faith in the medical profession.

Hi Suzy and Saraly
Suzy could you demand the test that you need, just tell them. At least if you have the one you need and it comes back negative your mind will be at rest and then they can move on and find the problem. I dont have much faith in the medical system either anymore. But I did ask for another ultrasound after Id had the first one and they did it no problem.

How did you guys go on the treatment ? Mine is 2000mg of Amoxil, 1000mg of Klavid and 40mg of Losec a day. Its 3040mg a day and today on the 5th day and not feeling really well. The thought of swallowing those pills again.
Anyway keep in touch and let us know about your appointment Suzy.