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Thank you for responding.

She has allergic asthma her specialist says. He started her off on 5mg of singulair and Advair 100/50......we did that for 2 weeks, went back and he put her on an antibiotic for a sinus infection(she had started with her cough again). She finished the amoxil, continued the other meds and we went back in another two weeks and he upped her Advair to 250/50. He said she had a "harsh cough" and wanted to see if the increase would help. It seems to have done good so far( it has just been 4 days but the cough has been suppressed) The singulair seems to also help.....we tried it every other day but had to go back to everyday. She is doing better...... I just wonder if Advair 250/50 is kinda strong for her??(6 years old about 42 pounds)

As far as "triggers" she seems to be worse when it is cold outside. Her problems don't seem to coinside with the pollen levels of her allergies....