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Hi Butterfly - thanks for your response.
I gave birth 7 months ago so is definately not afterbirth pains, however they were fun too! My doc (have been seeing gp) thinks it has been a run of bad luck, combined with low bacteria count from the antibiotics, living in a humid environment and possibly being run down from 2 small children. RE: the e coli i had recently been swimming in a dodgey beach which is known for e coli..... obviously didn't realise this at the time as I was jumping feet first into what could've resulted as an e coli douche! anyway, the cramping usually occurs after eating, along with obvious bloating and wind other than that no other symptoms, a little discharge however if I didn't have the cramping wouldn't think anything of it.
I don't have the antibiotics names on hand but a couple were augmentin, amoxil, something starting with z (that you took 4 in one hit), recently something starting with Oc something.... sorry very vague and diflocun pes. All these were prescribed by my gp.
I spoke to my family obi and told her the situation and she has suggested lactobac to replace good bacteria and go see her in 2 weeks if the last lot of antibiotics didn't work........... I was thinking could it be an imbalance in the ph "down there?" or as a nurse friend suggested possibly worms that are carrrying the bacteria from back to front.
Unfortunately i finished the last lot of antibiotics yesterday and i still feel uncomfortable is it likely that the balancing of bacteria could sort this out? am at a bit of a loss????
Many thanks - hey could it even be IBS and a coincidence that the doc is finding this bacteria....... no idea...
Mum2 :rolleyes: