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Ok, the most peculiar thing has happened with my little Ivy. She had a bad cold and we ended up taking her to the doctor 10 days ago. He said her chest was "rattling", so he prescribed Amoxil for 10 days. Her cold was clearing nicely and about 4 days into the antibiotic, I witnessed something strange. She had a very good day last Thursday. Was pleasant all day, was extremely lovey dovey. She came up to me 4 or 5 times throughout the day just for a smile and a hug. She was playing quite nice, having an tea party with her stuffed animals (have only seen this kind of play out of her one time before). She was very, very verbal all day long. She was asking for her wants without tantruming over them and exhibiting patience!!! This behavior continued on into all day Saturday. Relatives stopped to visit and commented on how pleasant she was that day. The next day, I was waiting for the bombshell of having 2 good days and this will surely be the bad one. Nothing...zippo...zilch. Sunday she was an absolute dream, and we found out that she is quite the comedian. She was making silly faces and acting silly and laughing saying "Look at me!". She has never acted like this and or spoke like that. Well, today is Monday and guess what??? If you have followed any of my other posts, you will know that Ivy has been in special preschool since August. She has not spoke one word in class, not uttered a sound since starting school. WELL< << :bouncing: she talked in class the whole time today!!! Laughed, was giddy, sang the songs, said the Pledge of Allegiance, literally shocked her teachers so much, that I got a phone call from them the minute she was on her way home on the bus. It was a joyous moment for them and me. Her behavior has continued to remain as pleasant as ever into this evening. She took her last dose of Amoxil tonight with dinner.
This is only the third time she has ever had an antibiotic. So, why all of a sudden this extremely HUGE change in her disposition, speech, etc???
The ONLY thing that is different is the AMOXIL. She has been GFCF since May. Do you think it's possible that the Amoxil cleared out some bad bacteria from her gut? and this is why we have such a change in her behavior?
Any thoughts welcome. I am still holding my breath waiting for the bomb to drop though,lol!

peace and blessings to you all on the upcoming holiday!
Hi Lisa,My DD has been on Amoxil due to cold went to throat infection .Yes Amoxil is used to treat H Pylori in the stomach probably helps balance with the stomach acid.H pylori makes ammonia not good.Theres Triple drug therapy involved along with the amoxicillin also need clarithromycin probably to rule out toxoplasmosis. And a proton pump inhibitor prilosec or prevacid 7 -14 days this treatment can cause side effects though.Natural way is with a herb called Mastica from pistacia lentiscus from pistachio tree .Dont know to much about it maybe some one who does will post.Ive read H pylori can also cause food allergies.Yes ask your Dan doctor about this tell him your DD is better with the amoxil and see what he thinks about the H pylori.Might want to run a ammonia test.Ive read ammonia is suppose to go thru the liver but sometimes it shunts past and goes into body believe me ive been thinking about this possibilty for awhile.Im not familar with the CFGFdiet what are the foods suppose to prevent in the body.Thanks for the post keep us updated.My best to you and yours :)