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Hi Drea......About Meiners......well, the ENT....(which was suppose to be really good) did nothing more than hear my symptoms, and look in my ear, through a microscope...and thats when he said a tiny bone in my ear had disenegrated....and that I had symptoms of Meiners......and he put me on a low sodium diet, and put me on a diuretic. He done a test on my hearing, which I have lost about all my hearing in my left ear.....but you can actually do that, with a virus....as i've read on here. That was the only test he actually done. My symptoms finally went away. Now years later, they appear again, but a little different. I went to see another ENT, but I was feeling a little better by the time I got in to see him. He just looked in my ears, and said he didn't see anything. Well, I don't have insurance, so i can't afford going to dr. after dr. Every time I do, I don't know anything more, thats why i'm so into these boards. I find out so much more from here. Sometimes I think its allergies that interfere with my inner ear, and sometimes I think its a really bad sinus infection, that just hasn't gone away. Ive looked for a neuro-otologist, but haven't found one near me. I just need to continue looking, if I want questions answered. I just don't feel like going far from home. I don't feel like doing much of anything. I had to quit working cause of this, thank goodness I have help with living expenses. My fog is so hard to explain.......i feel like i've been drugged......kinda like when you get woke up suddenly......and haven't had time to focus...make sense?? It gets so bad sometimes, I feel like i'm going to pass out......but thank goodness that hasn't happened yet. It just scares me.....I get real panicy when I go to big stores.......the big open spaces makes me feel strange. I don't know what this is, but the way it looks, i'm just going to have to figure it out myself, unless I get lucky enough to find a really good Dr. who is willing to listen to me, without looking at me like I was strange. Another thing is....it comes and goes.........i'm like this for like a month or so, then it'll ease up for about 2 weeks, then it comes back. My family Dr. put me on antibiotics (amoxil) for 10 days, felt a little better, but came right back, then she tried me on predisone....there again, felt a little better, but it came right back. I dunno.....I wish it would just go away for good. Being that it comes and goes make me think its more allergy/sinus infection related.........I just get so frustrated cause I don't ever feel like doing anything................well, thank you for listening, please keep me updated on YOU........and I hope you start feeling better soon!!!