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My girlfriend has been taking amoxicillin this month for her throat and we have been wearing condoms through out her current cycle because of this. She is scheduled to have her period in two days. Last night we had quite a bit to drink and in our intoxicated state did not put on a condom :-/ I didn't cum in her thought. I am worried now. My girlfriend doesn't worry about what happened enough to get emergency contraception pills... but I am worried. Now I know some websites say that the risk of a decrease in effectivness is overstated, but I just want to know if there is risk of pregnancy here. Since she is 2 days from her period is the chance less? Thanks for your help.

Amoxil is one of the antibiotics that supposedly can decrease pill effectiveness. How long ago did she take her last antibiotic?

Where she is at in her cycle has no control of the effectiveness.

And no, alcohol does not decrease the effectiveness of the pill.