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Istarted having pain ina tooth on the top left side of my mouth. The pain wa just when I would bite down. The tooth happened to be one that I had a root canal and crown on and had never bothered me bofore. Friday I called my dentist, who wa out of town, and placed on amoxil 500mg. By Friday night, my face started to swell and by Saturday morning my face was at least 3x it's normal size. The swelling affects my whole left cheek, under my eye, into my nose and down my neck. The pain is horrible. I went to the ER on Saturday night and they put me on clydamiacin (sp?) 300mg 4x a day. Since being on this my swelling has not gottne any better but it has not increased either. I have been able to back off the vicodin a little bit. I see the dentist tomorrow morning and am nervous about what's going to be done.

What can happen to a tooth that has already had a root cancal? Does anyone know when the swelling should go down? Is it normal to feel like aI've bene run over by a mack truck? I feel so sick to my stomache, my head is killing me and I just feel blah. I've done nothing but sleep all day. Any insight?

Also wanted to add that the pain I feel now is where my gum meets my cheek. I don't know if this is an indication of the infection spreading or what.