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My son did the same thing and I had to buy a whole extra bottle of amoxil half way through the cycle because we had wasted half of the first bottle when he spit/blew it out! I tried mixing it with EBM in a bottle, and I'd only do about an ounce to make sure he drank it all. He liked it that way for about a day, i.e. 3 doses, then realized he didn't like it anymore. Finally, what worked was putting the syringe in his cheek and a finger from my other hand in his mouth...then I'd push half the medicine in...then sort of rub the top of his mouth so he'd suck my finger. This helped him swallow and the meds went down. Of course, then I'd squirt the other half of the dropper and repeat the top of the mouth tickle process.
Cheri and Jean-Jacques 12/13/02

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