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I am 34 and on day 5. I highly suggest anyone having this done ask for something to be put in your iv for the nausea/vomitting. I do this with every surgery since the first one that I was so sick afterwards. day 1 and 2 were fine. I was honestly thinking I was gonna come out of this great. Day 3, I woke up feeling like my ear drums were gonna explode. They still hurt quite bad especially when I swallow. But everything hurts when I swallow. I've had soup (clear), jello, pop sicles, tea, watered down soda and apple juice, and lots of ice water. I could barely swallow on day3 and 4, so didnt consume alot. Woke up today with a mouth full of blood and have been doing the ice water thing. I'm still trying to figure out how anyone "gargles" at this point. if it gets to the back of my throat I have to either "try" to swallow it or gag it back out. mostly my biggest problem is the slimy salivation thing. It seems that the sweet stuff seems to turn my saliva into slime and then I cant swallow it. Sorry to be gross. I'm hoping that even tho it is only day 5 that the blood and gagging feeling today is the scabs coming loose. hope it doesnt get worse, or I too, will be hugging the porcelan thrown. I have tried warm and cold packs around my throat and up around my ears. The warm seem to ease the ear pain and possible the soreness in neck and throat some. You will have to experiment yourself to see what helps. Mom used to always wrap our neck with warm packs for sore throats, so I thought it was worth a try. Oh how my ears hurt. I too sleep only a few hours at a time, usually around the pain med time. As for the people concerned with the "childrens" medicine. I work in a pharmacy and there are actually no Liquid antibiotics "classified" as for adults. It is just formulated into a liquid and your dr should be prescribing the correct doseage for your body. Such as the amoxil (pink cotton candy flavored stuff) mine has 250mg per teaspoon. so I am taking it 3 times daily. It was all very confusing to me also. This is a heck of a way to lose weight. I have lost over 5 pounds, closer to 10 now. Biggest suggestion, if you want it, try it. slowly. if something crosses your mind, try it, it might work better for you than anyone else. I'm hopeing my tongue decides to remember what it is there for soon.