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Quote from Dreamer555:
I was diagnosed with a sinus infection yesterday and the doctor only gave me amoxicillin 500mg twice/day for 10 days. Why would he not have prescribed me something stronger, I've had this infection for months! The pharmacist told me in so many words this med will probably not work and I will have to end up getting another. :confused:

Drugs like Amoxil are usually used as a first defense. It's not a good idea to go straight to the "big gun," as this is what breeds antibiotic resistence.

Just because you've had the infection for several months doesn't mean Amoxil won't work. I'd understand your concern if you would have been using Amoxil for several months to no avail, but at least give it a try.
let me know if amoxil doesnt work, i can suggest somethin else.. my mom gets sinus infections around once a month, and it works for her..

well, if it doesnt work, try cefzil *there are different strengths