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Within the past month, I was on a z-pack for 5 days, went back to my GP & got a shot of penicillin along with a new 10-day of Amoxil, went back on the 11th day & got another one for Clindamycin. I saw a different doctor in my regular doctor's office...she gave me the Clindamycin & said that if I didn't feel better in a couple days, go to the ENT.

I made an appointment with the ENT that Thursday, got in the following Tuesday.....1st appointment with the ENT, he examined me & asked alot of questions - made me gag & then informed me that I have pits in the back of my tonsils....he ordered an audiogram & a CT scan of my sinuses for the following Monday. So I went Monday for the tests, they called Tuesday to schedule a follow-up with my ENT on Friday. 3rd time seeing the ENT, he scheduled me for surgery. I can't complain about the ENT at all...just my regular doctor.

My regular doctors kept me on allergy medication for the past 5 years or so, even though allergy testing came back negative for everything. I was told that the only true 'cure' for my allergy problems would be to leave Michigan. Right. Because that's practical. I finally got fed up with the medication & stopped taking it last year - with no problems. Scammers. I'm SO glad to have new insurance, no more 'primary care physician' crap.

Anyway, I'll be sure to post as soon as I can after surgery on Thursday...thanks for the info & the well-wishes. Now I'm gonna go find something to eat, hopefully something that I won't be able to eat after Thursday... :rolleyes: