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Right now, I am having an ear infection that's lasted over a month. I've had 2 different anti-biotics to no avail. I have had tinnitus for about 7 years. Lately, I've had a stiff neck with crackling when I turn it. My hearing seems to be surprisingly good despite having to listen around all the crap. I guess I have TMJ...my jaws bump each other on both sides sometimes.

Does anyone ever really get relief from any of these problems?

Is there a certain antibiotic I should ask for to knock this junk out? We've tried Amoxil and an Amoxicillin combo. Maybe Zithromax?

I'm tired of feeling like crap (as I know everyone on here must be..)

I have asthma and, unfortunatley live with a smoker right now. I feel like I'm about as close to a "bubble boy" as I can be. I'm 32.

Any advice from anyone? Do Doctors know what they're doing? Are they even out to cure anything at all or just treat symptoms and, keep the cash cow fat? I'm very frustrated...