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my son had routine blood work done last week and I requested Lyme to be added because we live in NE & it seems that everyone is getting Lyme.

lab results came back with ELISA at .76 which is borderline so they did the WB and 2 IGG bands came back pos (#41 & ?) the IGM is neg. He has NO symptoms. the ped thinks he is early state or non-active old. he has had an allergic reaction to amoxil - so she wants to start 4 weeks of ceftin. she is sending me a copy of the ELISA & WB.

has anyone used ceftin for lyme?
does everyone have some type of reading under the ELISA test?
can you have symptoms with a low ELISA #
will the ELISA reading go back to 0 once treatment is complete?

my 3YO son's ELISA came back at 55 which is considered neg - he also has no symptons. i plan to monitor & if symptons arise we will treat him as well. i kind of want to treat him as well but dont know if i should wait or am i just being over precaucious? i would feel terrible if something were to arrise in 10 - 15 years as a result of him not being treated.

Any comments are appreciated.
thank you all - i live in NE CT on the MA line so Dr. Jones is an option although i dont think my insurance will cover it (it's MA coverage)

I have never taken a tick off my 6yo so i have no idea as to when he may have been exposed. my younger has had 2 ticks removed (not deer) the last was about 1 year ago.

the reaction to amoxil was 2 years ago and it was day 2 of meds - he had hives/swelling on the face & stopped meds.

thanks again for your comments