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hope all pf you having nice days.. and feeling better... i have a question... anyone of you in amoxil? i had to switch from doxy to amoxilin because of thooth infection for 5 days, and my doctor ehre is telling me the posibility to keep taking doxy for lyme,i think with doxy i felt better, whit amoxilin i feel tired, and maybe more anxious.. anyway, i am taking just 1500 a day for the tooth, what would be the right dosis for lyme? is there any problme when you stop doxy fopr a week to take another abx and then go back to doxy? do you create abx ressistance ? thank you! hugs!
hi marsha! i guess i will go back to my doxy in 2 days, i notice amoxil makes me tired, more than ussual, asi am tired too, i will go back to my doxy in 2 daysm, cant wait! of course you dont deppress me, we all are in the same boat! we just have better dyas some days.. but we will keep figthing, we cant get tired of this battle because we will win it sooner or later, hope you have a good weeken!! hugs!
hi debil!yes, i finish yesterday the amoxil, my tooth is fine, tomorrow i will go back to doxy... i took the amoxil 6 days, it also cleared the alegies i had on my skin! i am sure is was the amoxilin..i will see that when i return to my doxy... maybe i should change to amoxil... i hope not! because doxy doesn make me tired.. how are you feeling?? i have the feeling you are feeling good now, have a good weekend!! hugs