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Sorry if this is gross but here is my story. Last week I got amoxil for my sinus infection. It was about the 2nd or 3rd day I took it and I noticed I woulf feel like I really had to pee but I would only go a little at a time. I also noticed that when I laid down for a while and then stood up (sleep on my side with legs bent sometimes together or pillow between them) that when I stood up I felt a little irritation near my crotch on the outside. I felt to see if it was swelled but it wasn't and it didn't hurt when I pushed on it. The lower part of my stomach hurt so I figured maybe I had a uti or maybe it was stretching although different from what I felt before. I mentioned it to my doctor and suggested maybe I had a uti from the amoxil. He menitoned a yeast infection, but I don't intch inside. He said my urine specimem was a little concentrated but no infection. I stopped the amoxil and about a 2 days later the inside has gotten a little irritated when I go pee. I don't know what it could be. My last thought was maybe with my increasing weight and sleeping with my legs bent one on top of the other no matter if a pillow is between them, maybe I am pinching something together when I sleep and it starts to gets sore? I have no clue any one ever had a similiar problem? I can't find anything about it in the "what to exspect book" that matches what I am talking about.