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I am a 30 yo female referred to a Urologist after two U/A's at my gynecologist revealed microscopic hematuria (microscopic amounts of blood in my urine) with a negative bacterial culture. I do not have a history of kindney problems, no history of UTI's or stones, and I have never smoked.

I met with the Urologist this morning and he basically said that with my clean medical history we have a dilemma. He said he receives a lot of referrals from GYN's with the same issues and he follows the same protocol: cystoscopy and CT scan with contrast. Many times nothing at all turns up at all.

During the initial cosultation with him today, he asked me if I had a few minutes and that we could do the cysto right then and there if I had the time. OF COURSE I had the time! Definitely wanted to get that part over with.

The doc used a flexible cystoscope which is actually a bit scary looking b/c it is so loooong. Anyway, he prepped the urethral opening with a bit of betadine to kill off any bacteria and then inserted the scope-- no sedation, no numbing solution. Honestly folks, it was nothing at all. I felt two pinches... one on initial insertion and then one a bit futher up. Once the scope was in the bladder it was like instant relief. I could have stayed that way for quite a while. I felt a bit of pressure during that time, but it was very insignificant. Thankfully, the cystoscopy revealed nothing in my bladder and it was really neat to be able to watch the procudure on the screen. When my Urologist removed the scope, I felt nothing at all. I was also given a 500mg Amoxil tab to take after I ate to help ward off any infection.

They warned me that it might burn a bit during urination for a day or so. I already knew that from these boards so I was prepared. I took my first urination (which I actually did before I left the doc's office) slowly... and WOW-WEE! That hurt more than the entire procedure! Felt like a hot poker was being stuck in there! :blob_fire My second urination at home was about 70% better and my third and fourth urinations have felt completly normal.

So, next step for me is the CT scan with contrast; however, I wanted to share my cysto story with those who might be interested as I know that many of us who land on this board will have to go through it at one time or another.

Best to all...