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Hey JoJo

I am here...have been having a really hard time with my meds. After Christmas I pretty much crashed. It's been hard.
Right now I am only doing the Valtrex, Ursodiol, Zithromax and 1/2 tab INH. That's like throwing me for a loop
I have spent a lot of days in bed. It's getting really old. But what can you do ?
I had an appt with my attorney(ssdi) the other day and it went really well. I last saw her in October at my first appt. with her alot of things have gone on since I have seen her. Um lets see, dx with ebv and cmv, had a cervical epidural and having another one done in a week.

I see Michael next week so curious to see if things have changed at all.
The fatigue is what is killing me right now and just the overall aches that are so bad. There are days I can't even lift my off my pillow.

Um no I never did the doxy route. I have always done the amoxil, zithromax, rifampin and flagyl. That is what I did for the Cpn.

ok I am off to research some things.
Hope things are good with you! How are things?