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hi im new and need some help im from w tenn does anyone know of a llmd close to nashville or memphis ive heard of dr. crist in springfield mo. but he wont see me untill i have a dr that will do rutine lab work ;because my insurance is medcare .my currant dr is treating me but will not work with dr crist :confused: (ego i guess) i dont think he is ll. he has me on 200 doxie and 3000 amoxil a day .is this enough . should i find a llmd . is dr. crist worth the $500 his going to charge (just for starters im sure) ive been sick 16 yrs and i just want to get well . thank you and i praise God for your help
im so excited that i got a reply thanks for the info so is it dr. crist that is on restriction or the other dr in nc my family dr here has been treating me with doxy and amoxil only one month but we have talked about doing doxy 200 for 2 yrs said he had no problem with that but is not willing to work with anyone eles i have not had a positive test result yet i need to share with you my story but not up to it tonight but i will soon i am going back to fam dr toworrow and will ask him again to cooperate with dr crist doyou know of a llmd that accept medacare dr crist does not this could pose a problem but God will supply if its ment for me to see him i beileve im finally on the right road anyway thanks and praise god for his grace