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Hmmm, I think I am in the same boat as you all, and could use some feedback. Heres the gist: Upper Rt quad pain, more of a knawing for over a year. Liver fine pancreas fine, gall bladder has small but insignificant polyp. Gastroscopy revealed seriously nasty erosion of my stomach lining. GI guy said "you smoking the ganga?" I said no. He stopped me from drinking alcohol and coffee, and gave me nexium. He arrogantly said "drop me an e-mail in a month and let me know you are better". A month passed, and I was not better. Got referred to another specialist and hour and a half away. Was put on amoxil and biaxin to try kill off H.pylori . . . still the pain didn't go away. Stopped the nexium, and the pain went away, not completely, but I would say 90% better. Follow up GI revealed my stomach was healed, but still inflamed. Biopsies showed that I was still full of H. pylori. Been on a nasty combo of antibiotics for 4 days now. Still, pain is there. Tonight I ate pork chops and they hurt me dammit! I'm worried that the bacteria may not be the problem. Strangely, it also hurts a lot when I sing (singer I am), and my doctor said that likely wasn't because of my gastritis. Maybe muscular?
So here I am one year in, two months into treatment, and no irradication of symptoms. I'm zantacing instead of nexiuming and full of pepto bismol and antibiotics that I have to take 4 times a day.

Anywho, I hate this and I want it to end. Thought I would share it with the world.