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Please help, I am so miserable due to this condition I am losing hope.
It all started this January, about 4 months ago when i started experiencing really bad tasting post nasal drip. It hung around for about a week and so I saw a Dr and he suspected mild sinus infection so i was given amoxil. Within 2 days the symptoms cleared. However about 2 weeks later the symptoms came back and have been suffering from it since. The bad taste has subsided but the POST NASAL DRIP is still here non stop. Ive been to 3 ENT, have done 2 CT scans and shows nothing. Since Jan I have been on about 6 antibiotics: amoxil, zinnat for 2 wks, eryc for 25days, amoxil again and now on Rulide for 3 months but with no improvement. My tongue always feels fury and there is a bad taste in mouth all the time. It effects my breath so much that I have become anti social, I dont see my friends anymore and I am really uncomfortable seeing my boyfriend cos I know he can smell/taste my bad breath. I am so depressed due to it that I am now seeing a psychologist. I have done a blood test for general allergies but results were negative. I have tried Neilmed sinus rinse, NASONEX for 2 months, BECONASE for 2 wks with no improvement. What could be causing this? I have never had a sinus problem before this and its ruining my life. PLease please help me. I am willing to pay 1000dollars to the person who can cure this. I am so desperate. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Hi, I've been having a similar problem for just over two years now. In the beginning I was given anti-biotics (amoxil and augmentim), anti-histamines and nasal sprays with no effect and then was recommended to an ENT who did bad things to me. He tried a lot of old school methods which were extremely unpleasant such as the membrane reduction and flushing my sinuses out. This was all in the first six months and since then I've just been living with it. I was finding it too depressing to seek any more treatment with no improvements.

I did have a CT scan early on which concluded that I had no sinus issues (and I've never even remotely had a sinus problem before) but its felt like the problem has always been treated as a sinus issue which I don't think it is - but I've no medical specialist. I just came back from overseas and I was living in some cold climates and the problem has become more chronic which is why today I went back to a doctor to get recommended to another ENT. the appointment is not till next month.

Has anyone had any success in treatment? please post or may know someone that can help... Its been affecting every aspect of my life, physically, emotionally... I'm sick of it.