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Thank you....good to know I am not nuts (or at least not any nuttier...:)

It does not matter what time you go or how you go about it...drive thru or go inside. The staff are grouchy and they are often out of common medicines..not just the pain kind...even Amoxil and stuff like that. My son had strep throat and they were out of Augmentin AND Donatussin, which is a COMMON childhood cough med. If this was a isolated occasion, no biggie, but it is all the time. I do like Walgreens, I will just ask for brand. On my insurance, it is only a few dollars more...and what is 2 or 3 dollars for pain relief?

I have always been afraid to request a "brand" or "generic brand" because I had a pharmacist friend tell me (years ago) that only addicts do that. But the more I read on here, the more I think that is untrue and I will start requesting certain brands. Are there any other brands I need to boycott?