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Hi Laye,
We'll not sure if this makes a diff or not but it showed an increase in wbc so why would it show up now or is it nothing ? We'll i'm on amoxil until culture comes back is it possible i could have wbc with no bacteria present and if so would you know what that means ? You seem more educated then me with this , how are you feeling today ? Any better , i think i might be a bit better but i hate to hope and have it come back i have good days and bad. It feels like the pain is in my rectum now not so much my bladder or ureatha . I did go to the doctor today and he's sending me to a colon person as he thinks everything is related down their just to be sure .
Hi laye,
Sorry i didn't answer your question , i'm on amoxil now but remeber i was on cipro in the beginning and had to stop after day 5 because of allergy , and that day was a last tuesday and i went back to er on sunday night and that was when they did a urine test that should white blood cells , would the antibiotic do that ?