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Hi Laye,
I don't think it's gross just good detective work ...lol . Seen my gyno and he said i have cervistis ( sp ) but my bladder was he though an infection that just seems to hang on and it may take awhile to clear so after the amoxil is over i'm supposed to have another urine test and culture . In febuary he's giving me a colopscopy for the cervix and cryo thearpy and he would do a bladder scope then ( i'm NOT looking forward to any of this ) He did mention that if your hubby does oral sex that people's mouths have staph and could be transfferd that way to the uretha and then the bladder and cause infection . He also asked it there was alot of sex going on when this happened and if i'm allergic to latex we'll i said it was like a sex marathon for us at that time and that we used condoms a couple of times and it was then that i noticed the bladder pain and such , i just thought i would pass that along in case anything could be related . Have you been to the doc yet ?