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This is more of a dermatology issue than a Urology issue but I didn’t think it fell under the category of “skin” issues so I posted here.

My problem is with regards to the tip of my Penis/urethra. It got jammed and cut some years ago and has not healed properly. It has formed a lip, which is very uncomfortable. At times it can get painful when cloth of my clothing gets jammed and pulls at it. it seems to slowly be getting larger - the 'lip' that is. I'm always worried that it will get caught and get cut again. There were some painful close calls.

I have been to a few Doctors in the past few years; it didn't seem that they understood what I was trying to show them. Some gave me steroid creams cause they thought it's a irritation -- I don't think that’s the problem. (could it be that I got the irritation after the injury and it has stayed ever since and not gotten better?) Another Dr. decided that I have UTI and gave me a prescription for Amoxil. It's kind of subtle, you have to look to see what the problem is, and the Doctors that I went to didn't seem to have the patience to look or understand. I personally feel that there's nothing that can be done. I hope I'm wrong.