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Advice mostly appreciated to this never ending condition:(

The last couple of days I've had severe tooth pain in one of my upper right teeth, it's like a pulsing sensation in tooth and it hurts like hell when pressed on, doesn't help when I'm a constant clencher.:(

So I went to the dentist today and he did various tests, the tapping one (didn't hurt), cold test (that murdered:mad:) He said it was due to the recent amalgam filling being to high, so he filed it down. LOL.....only to find out he was testing the wrong tooth, so he started again on the one next to it, but he only did the tapping test, which didn't hurt. But when I pressed on it by clenching, the pain was severe. So cut a long story short, he sent me away with a prescription of amoxil 500mg x3 a day and ibuprofen 20 tabs(so generous.....lol)

So my question is could this be an abscessed tooth, even though it doesn't hurt when tapped and no boil/swelling etc.....or have I set off a nerve through clenching. Bearing in mind he took NO xrays and he only gave me the script for precautionary measures and said to go back if it carrys on and he will pull the tooth, which I don't want if it's due to my clenching.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if it sounds confusing, can't think straight with all this pain going on.

Take Care