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i came across this board because my brother just had a MRSA infection which was treated successfully...now my parents have it i think...they have both broken out with pimples that kinda look like chicken pox...which is how my brother's started...then developed in to boils...anyway just thought i'd offer some insight if it helps anyone...initially my brother's doctor had problems diagnosing...but when he determined it was a staph infection he was admitted to the hospital and treated by an infectious disease specialist (Dr. Robert Levine in Miami, FL is anyone wants to know)...the MRSA did not respond to the antibiotic that was originally administered orally by his general doctor...in the hospital...my brother was given Ancef intraveniously...and then switched to Vancomycin...and that worked. My father just got a biopsy done on his prostate and his general doctor had prescribed levaquin for his prostate...I believe the MRSA responds to that as well because my dad's sores are drying up...both parents just noticed their new pimple like sores...and my mom has a couple more...she is going to the hospital today.
Hope this helps...