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Hi all,

The ultrasound had shown a 4cm nodule and a 2.5 cm nodule, so the doctor was surprised when he got in there and it was the size of a baseball. I had not really had any symptoms. Blood work was all fine beforehand. FNA was showing follicullar lesion. The surgery itself was not bad. Two hours, and I was up and talking in the recovery room. My parathyroids were left, and no laryngeal damage so I had no voice problems at all. Terrible headache from the anesthesia. They gave me all IV anesthesia because the anesthesiologist said she could not hold a mask over my face with the way the surgical draping had to go. I did have a drain and stayed over night in the hospital. The drain was nothing. Could not feel it, but had the little bulb hanging on my gown. The nurses drained it maybe three times overnight, and there was a very small amount of blood in it. Did not hurt at all when the doctor took it out in the morning.

Had a slight sore throat, and muscle aching in the neck, but not terrible. I did not take any pain meds in the hospital because they kept offering morphine and I just didn't feel it was that bad. I took Extra Strength Tylenol. Probably not the best choice, but I felt like they kept pumping stuff into me. I had three bags of Ancef, three doses of some steroid (DexaDron?) and the bags of fluid were potassium because they claimed my potassium was low on my pre-op testing (I have never had low potassium so I am not sure about that).

Today is a week out, and I still have a bit of aching in the left side of my neck but the incision is healing nicely. It is itching! The dr. office called on Monday and said it was benign, no cancer. I go to the doctor today. I have been feeling some anxiety, not sure what that is from.