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I have severe menstrual cramps during my periods so at some point I went on the pill, and was taking it for 1-2 years. The pain was under control, but I got so many side effects that it wasn't worth it, the worse being chloasma, the dark patches on my cheeks every time I would go out in the sun. So I stopped taking it. Advil liquidcells (ibuprofen) is the only non prescription medicine that helps with my pain, but it works only if I take 2 200 mg before the pain gets intense, and continue taking 2 every 4-5 hours. Luckily my doctor prescribed generic flurbiprofen (Ansaid) which works wonders for me. I take 1 tablet in the beginning of my pains, and that's it for the rest of my period. Pain is gone and I even forget that it's that time of the month. Hope that helps :)