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I am new to the health board. I have only posted on other time, but never about my own health. I'll try an make a long story short. I have had TMJ (not major) since my early 20's so stress has always been a problem for me. In the summer of 2000 something happened to 5 young boys on my street. One being my nephew and one being my best friends son. Without going into detail we were at the first preliminary hearing when my back hurt for the first time. I had many other problems over the next year with my health. Headaches, D and C, sore throat, chest and back pains, numbness in face and head, etc. Anyway, by the time of the trial one year later and many, many doctors, meds and test, I was diagnosed with:
1. Fibromyalgia: rx: Flexeril when needed and live on a heating pad. Question:
Has anyone here experienced a pain at the bottom of neck/top of spine that really hurts when you lean your head back to look up and alot of numbness in the face and head? Doctor says its just tight muscles.
2. TMJ: rx: ansaid, ibuprofen and ativan when needed. Question: Does anyone have severe deep ear pain that also hurts on the cheek and around the eye sometimes?
3. Acid Reflux: rx: aciphex 3x day. Question: Does anyone have really bad sore throats because of acid reflux? or chest/back pains due to acid?
4. Tension Headaches: rx: Fioricet. My headaches only seem to happen about every three to four weeks, but when I get one it is really bad (pain all over the head, including over eyes, and feel shaky sometimes). Stress seems to bring them on. Question: Does anyone have headaches likes this?
5. IBS-C: THE ONE THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY, rx: Free Lax, Librax, Elavil, Flax Oil and Miralax. These meds do cause all my BM's to be like water. But that is better to me than not going at all. Question: When I first got IBS I was rather thin and I could lay down in my tub or bed and feel/see a lump about 2-3 inches along my stomach between my hip and belly button. I gained some weight and this stopped happening. Now I have lost weight again and it is happening again. My Doc says it is gas in the colon. (have had ultrasound and barium enima which showed nothing. Will have a colonoscopy in March. Have any of you ever seen this along your colon? (my doc says I have way to much colon for my size)...
All my problems seem to be getting worse at this point. But I believe they are all stress related. My husband was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer in October. We were told bluntly by the doctor: 25 chem/rad treatments, 5 weeks off, surgery resulting in a permanent colostomy. He said there was 0% chance of not having to have the colostomy. Any advise or help regarding this would be really appreciated.
Sorry this has been so long, but I didn't know if I should post this to the different boards: IBS, TMJ, etc. If I should please someone let me know. Thank you all for your time and this board. I have been reading since my husband was diagnosed. You all have been helpful and really make us feel better knowing we are not alone.
Again, God Bless and thank you all.