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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi, I have had TMJ for as long as i can remember; however, its never flared up.. Well not until about 3 1/2 weeks ago. Went to the prompt care thinking i had an inner ear infection, was told that it was my tmj and was prescribed ansaid to make the inflammation go down. I called my dentist the next day and they referred me an EP specialist. However, i'm curious if there are any other specialists in Peoria or if he's the only one. And has anyone gone to him. I'm kinda scared to go and my appointment is on friday. The packet of information that they want me to fill in is very overwhelming.. well mainly the part about if i've had any car accidents... followed by what auto insurance do i have and do i have an attorney... Are these questions even necessary? And how does my auto insurance have anything to do with my tmj? And the whole attorney question freaked me out. SO if anyone has any advice or what not about what to expect with the appointment, any docs, or anything else, please let me know.