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Try taking aleve for several days in a row - it may help break the pain cycle and get the tooth to calm down - the package states 2 tablets a day but you can safely take up to 6 a day which would bring it almost up to the standard prescription dosage for naproxen. Its an ANSAID so watch your stomach if you are sensitive to drugs.

I sympathize with you - I went through something similar many years ago and was so glad when I tfinally got the perms in and didn't have to go back - it seemed like I was in the dentist chair every week for a year for several hrs each time - I hate the way dentists rotate patients - a simple appt can take at least an hr when it should take 15 mins and if more time is needed you can be there for 2-3 hrs. For a while I had 2-3 appts booked ahead of time otherwise I would have to wait 6- 8 weeks for an appt - I started thinking it was better to just keep a few appts booked just in case and then cancel them a day or 2 before the date if I felt I didn't need to go in.

Although some adjustment may be needed to get used to the new material in your mouth insist that the dentist adjusts it if it interferes with speaking or enunciation, tongue movement or swallowing, facial expressions, causes facial muscle fatigue or tiredness or affects your ability ot open and close your mouth comfortably. It may take several appts until it fits comfortably but it is important that it does - just keep gong back until it does - do not be talked into something that does not feel comfortable or like your natural teeth - it can cause more problems than you can imagine. Guess you can say - I have been there and done that and know a lot more than I should need to about this.