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I have a serious situation and time is of the essence. I have been on Lilly pork insulin for 23 years. This is the only insulin that I have been able to tolerate for all of these years. When I have tried to switch over to any kind of human insulin; I become systemically very ill; neurologial symptoms; feelings of passing out; funny heart sensations; very ill all over; complete intolerance to any other kind of insulin. Lilly has abruptly stopped production of this insulin. I am using expired Lilly insulin now with only a few months supply left. I have just tried Apidra; weaning onto it with incredibly tiny amounts; but could not tolerate that either. I have tried Lantus, Novolin, Humulin. I have even imported pork insulin from England. Unfortunately; I had a very poor reaction to this also; probably because it was made by a different manufacturer even though it was still pork insulin. My endocrinologists do not know what to do for me as they have never experienced a patient like myself. There must be others out there because there were 2,000 people taking pork insulin in the U.S. when Lilly decided to stop manufacturing my life-saving insulin. I am desperatae; I would appreciate any and all suggestions. If anyone knows of anyonw like myself; with similar intolerance problems; please reply to this post. I would appreciateany and all suggestions . I do now know what to do and am counting the months I have to live.