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I think one of the most important things about type 1 diabetes is NOT depending on the doctor to know what to do. You see the doctor once every 3 months, but YOU are the one that has to live with the condition all the time.

I also HATE the term "insulin schedule." Insulin use needs to be flexible to it fits into your life. If you are forced onto a schedule, that's near impossible to deal with and follow.

I'd be interested to know what type of insulins your husband uses?

I have found the best insulin plans to be pumping (a pager like device is worn all the time and delivers small amounts of insulin every 3 minutes to cover basal needs and "blobs" of insulin all at once to cover meals) or MDI using Lantus or Levemir as the long acting insulin and injecting Novolog, Apidra, or Humalog every time you eat. These types of insulin plans allow for flexibility regarding food eaten and when it's eaten.

Carb counting and having a known ISF (Insulin Sensitivity Factor) are key. Carb counting allows you to cover the carbs you eat with insulin so you don't have to follow a set diet and the ISF allows you to accurately correct high blood sugar.

I recommend you read the book Using Insulin by John Walsh, and Pumping Insulin if you think pumping may interest him.

Also, how often is he testing his bs?