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Quote from scoo9b0274:
He has been using mixtard 30 since diagnoses & injects twice a day..

And that would be why he can't control his bs.

Evidence shows the 2 shots a day is ineffective at controlling type 1 diabetes. Multiple daily injections (4+ a day) or pumping are the ONLY things that work.

Not only do two shots a day not work, but Mixtard 30 is the WORST thing you could use. The first thing Mixtard 30 does is assume people need a 30:70 ratio of short acting to long acting insulin. This is simply put, not true. In reality, everyone needs a different amount of short acting and long acting, and most people with type 1 need 50:50.

The idea behind mixtard is that the N component will peak at lunch time and the R component at breakfast, and the R of the second shot at dinner, and the N of the second shot somewhere in the mdidle of the night (crappy time for an insulin to peak). The problems are everywhere. You need a set diet...no skipping meals, eating the same thing everyday at the same exact time. And you'll still have huge variances because that's just what mixtard does.

Your son needs to get off mixtard and onto Lantus or Levemir with Humalog, Apidra, or Novolog with meals.