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Actually, it shouldn't be that "frustrating": When you have a GREAT Doctor, and are a GREAT patient, the MD is more of a "consultant". My last Endo visit, he asked *me* about my Dexcom tricks (how to keep it stuck to my skin, what I do for showers, how do I know when it's starting to die). We've both been wearing Dexcom for many months.

And I asked *him* about Apidra timing diferences other pts. were seeing, and about his thoughts regarding a "natural" supplement which I wanted to consider.

Nice consultation. And he has often provided me with the information and tools which I need to live better. But only *I* can DO the treatment, he merely advises and reviews.

BTW, my wife tells her Severly Persistently Mentally Ill patients the same thing: she can give them the tools, but they have to 'fix' THEMSELVES, she can't MAKE them better. (This isn't true for acute ER, infections, surgeries, etc. but for chronic stuff like D. it really is.)